About Region C Healthcare Coalition


A shared common vision and purpose that builds trust and openness and recognizes the value and contribution of all members needs to exist. Additionally, shared and transparent decision-making processes—extending the scope of influence and involvement over other services and activities will prove essential to your partnership. Shared goals and aims, understood and accepted as being important by each partner, leads to improved coordination of policies, programs and service delivery, and ultimately better outcomes.

Mission Statement

The Region C Healthcare Coalition’s mission is to bring together all public jurisdictions to coordinate regional planning in a seamless fashion while respecting each member’s autonomy. This requires promoting intergovernmental cooperation and trust built on careful planning and accountability, thus enhancing the quality of life in Northwest Georgia.

Essential Partners – The “Who” of the Coalition

Members include: Hospitals, EMS Providers, Emergency Management, Public Safety (fire, police), Primary Care Providers, Community Health Centers, Public Health, Long Term Care Providers, Mental Health Providers, Schools, Specialty Service Providers, Support Service Providers, Home Health, Federal Entities, Non-Governmental Entities and Special Interest Groups.

A common understanding of the framework, culture, values and approach of partner organizations needs to exist. Effective communication between all partners is essential

The “Why” of the Coalition

When a disaster hits a community or a region, the entire health care system will be impacted and will have to respond. All health care organizations, from the largest hospital to a small community health center, will need to work together in a coordinated fashion to effectively respond to the disaster and work towards recovery.

Health care organizations make plans for their own facilities. During all healthcare emergencies, decisions made by one health care organization will impact others. Facilities are often counting on the same resources, however, planning together will create a more prepared and resilient healthcare system in our region.

All health care and public safety organizations in Region C are invited to become members of the coalition. Members regularly attend meetings, participate in planning, and agree to work with and support other members during disaster response and recovery.

Benefits of Partnerships

  • Added value in working with other organizations including: the sharing of staff and financial resources
  • Assistance with coordination of necessary resources to provide quality patient care
  • Management and delivery of a wide range of community programs


State of Georgia Healthcare Coalitions Map

Region C is just 1 of 14 Healthcare Coalitions in the State of Georgia. We can help you connect to your Coalition if your county is located in another region.

GA Healthcare Coalitions Map June 2019